The inspiration for the League’s logo comes from a depiction of three owls that sits atop the roof of UConn’s Edwina Maude Whitney Building. These owls represent protection, wisdom, and foresight, qualities long associated with the owl in Greek and Native American cultures. The UConn League adopted the three owls as its symbol when the organization formed in 1969. The logo was updated in 2022.

In 1964, Marcia Babbidge, wife of then UConn President, Homer Babbidge, formed the Newcomer’s League. In 1966, the Newcomer’s League began to recognize the need for an organization that cultivated community, not only among recent arrivals to the University, but among its longer-term affiliates, as well. These members, all spouses of UConn administrators, began to design an association with a broader mission and membership.

In 1969 this group formally established the UConn League with the aim of fostering fellowship and philanthropy among UConn professors, administrators, and their spouses. Its membership was expanded in the seventies to include anyone with an interest in the university community. The dues support two UConn scholarships and have reached out to include several community charities.

Today the UConn League numbers over 150 members, including women and men.

Twice a year we host a luncheon with an interesting local speaker, which is open to members and their guests.