The Playreaders Group normally meets at 12 noon on the second Monday of September, October, November, December, February, March, April, and May. There are no meetings in January or during the summer.

Members take turns hosting as well as producing, which includes selecting and preparing a play to be read aloud by the group each month. The Producer casts the roles of the characters in the play to be read and must get the parts to the members at least one week in advance. The host provides snacks, coffee, and tea during a required intermission for relaxation. The group remains the same each month but the meetings are diverse.  They are affected by the individuality of the Producer who selects the play to be read and the host who selects how to present the food to be served.

Our repertory of plays that we read ranges from the comedic to the tragic, and from the ancient to the modern progressive. Often members bring props and partial costumes to enhance the delivery of the drama. If you are interested in attending/joining please contact us.